What is the best Golf Cart Battery?



When you are looking to buy new Golf Cart Batteries, you need to ask yourself how much am I willing to pay and how important is reliability. Most golf cart batteries are “Lead Acid Flooded Batteries”. This means you will need to fill the batteries with “distilled water” at least once per month and if you are in the Desert-weekly. The type of application you are using the ‘golf cart” indicates what type of battery you will need to purchase. If you use the batter everyday and put at least 5 miles on it, you probably want the most robust battery with the highest Amp Hours available. If you just drive to the pool and grocery store each day then a smaller plated battery will work for you.

Trojan Batteries                The Best Deep Cycle Marine Battery made is by The Trojan Battery Company. We have put these batteries in hundreds of Golf Carts and Nevs and they have been the most durable battery we have ever worked with. Trojans have the largest plates and the “most mass fraction” of lead in their batteries. If you forget to water the batteries or if you let these batteries go dead, we have been able to bring them back to life with a few “equalizing charges”. In addition, we have over discharged these batteries and they have come back to life excellently. These batteries have a history of working for around 4 years in the heat as long as you charge and keep water in them. Some we have had lasted 7 years. Of Course the bad news is they cost about 25% more then the next best battery.


US Battery Company is our second choice of a 6 Volt deep cycle marine battery for a golf cart. We have found this battery to last a long time and is very cost competitive. Many Golf Cart Dealers will sell this battery as their main battery replacement because of the great performance and cost.  The retail cost of this battery is in the $125 range depending the cost of lead.


Deka Pro Master Golf Cart Batteries are also an excellent battery. We used them for not only golf carts that went 10 mph but for Nev’s that went 25 mph. We found them to be just a level below the Trojans but the price point was much better. We rate teh Deka Pro Masters as the best of the bunch and they are made in America by the East Penn Manufacturing Company.


Exide Batteries are a basic Golf Cart Battery that many companies install because of the name recognition. Exide Batteries are a fair battery to put in your cart but the life expectancy in our experience has been a maximum of 3 years.






Other Deep Cycle Marine Batteries-  The above and other Deep Cycle Marine Batteries work well as single batteries for the applications such as RV’s, Marine Batteries, and Storage Batteries- but not for series hook ups for Electric Vehicles such as Golf Carts. Electric Vehicles Discharge batteries fast and need the ability to charge together and equalize evenly. Most Golf Cart Batteries are now match to the Charge algorithms of the battery chargers. In addition, they require higher Amp hour ratings to enable them to last a long time. We recommend using Deep Cycle Marine Batteries that have been tested by the Golf Cart Manufacturers and use them in their carts. The above top three meet that criteria.


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