Why is Fast Charging Good for my Golf Cart


Fast Charging your Golf Cart or LSV is excellent for the batteries if you use a smart charger that understands the charge algorithm of your battery pack. And these days, all quick chargers for the most part know how to charge your batteries without overcharging them.

What is really important to understand about batteries is they actually love to be charged at the optimum power charge curve until too much heat is created. Most Quick Chargers have a heat sensor on the battery pack that tells the charger to slow down until the pack is cool enough to charge hard again. Fast charging help take off the sulfer build up on the battery plates and will give you more life for your batteries along with more energy. If you step on the pedal of a EV after receiving a great Level three charge, the vehicle will take off like never before.


Golf Cart and LSV Fleets are an excellent use for fast charging because you can reduce the charging infrastructure needed to charge the carts. We had one military base buying golf carts like crazy but had no place to charge the carts and had cords coming out of 2 story windows to charge their carts. Eventually, we installed fast chargers around the base and they never had to worry about charging their carts at night because they could charge anytime the next day for 10 minutes and get all the charge they needed.

cart barn 2

This barn is set up to have over a hundred carts be charged at once with incredible power needs and costs to bring power to the barn.


The Beauty of Fast Chargers is they can also charge any voltage vehicle. This vehicle is a 96 volt GSE Type of vehicle. This charger can also charge a 36 volt golf cart with no problem. So you can have multiple voltage vehicles in your fleet and not worry if a on board charger goes down.


If you are managing a fleet of Golf Carts or EV’s think about having a fast charger on premise.


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