My Story


Good Day Everyone!

My name is Mark Carman and I am the owner of Golf Quest International.

I was born and raised in Bismarck, North Dakota.

bismarck nd2

I was the oldest son of a brakeman on the Soo Line Railroad and a stay at home mom with 5 kids. Since dad was gone most of the time, us kids raised ourselves via Sports and Boy Scouts. I remember spending my free time exploring the Missouri Valley River bottoms, Hiking and Camping out with friends
bismarck rr valley.

I also remember delivering papers in the blizzards of North Dakota with my brothers. Our paper route was 360 papers so if one of the brothers was sick or playing sports, it was a long day.Man Walking Through North Dakota Blizzardbismarck blizzards

I also  loved Boy Scouts and achieved my Life badge and Order of the Arrow. I always was a leader and felt for the under privileged kids in scouts. Always felt a need to help them succeed and be a true role model for them.Mark BS

Eventually, my folks moved to Wisconsin for my Dad to get better work on the Rail Road and I  went to college at North Dakota State University-Fargo ND. I met a beautiful girl , Elizabeth Ann Hubbard, and we got married young.

Ann 1

During that time I had to quit and restart college several times because of funds but eventually graduated with a Business-Psychology-History Degree and some computer science thrown in from North Dakota State University.

ndsu bisomnDsu old mainNDSU3 fargo dome Go Bison!!
After graduating, I picked up the game of golf while looking for work and good fortune happened when I met my to be boss at Edgewood Golf Course.
We instantly connected and I started work at “Children’s Village Family Services “ head of the Consumer Credit Counseling division. The one hitch was I needed to write a grant to pay for the job. I did it though. It was a great job with us helping people and also businesses. I did  financial counseling but also fund-raising to pay for the program. Eventually I became Vice President ” Of the Village” .The Village 004


” The Village”  was a great organization and we helped thousands of people with family issues such as Money Management, Employee Assistance Programs, Family Counseling, Adoptions, Volunteer Programs like Big Brother Big Sister, and In-Home Family therapy programs. Since my degrees were in Business and Psychology I focused on the business-fundraising part of the business. I loved golf and of course used golf events as a fund raising-networking vehicle to help meet our clients needs base on their ability to pay.

During this time of developing a wonderful life , my wife Annie, passed away with a brain tumor after seven years of marriage. That really tested me spiritually and financially. I turned our house into a rental unit and moved into a small efficiency apartment. For five years I dated periodically and just never found anyone like Ann.

But a “gift from God” came to me in the form of my next to be wife, Faye. She was a nurse like Ann and we fell in love and 25 years later we are in love now more then ever. We also have been blessed with two lovely daughters.

Mark and Faye

While at the Village we opened 17 new offices in ND and Minn. During this time we would have town hall meetings and golf events to help raise funds for the needed services. I would manage these golf events  but also had a consulting company that helped other non-profits start their golf events. Also I was the Chairman of the North Dakota State Open Golf tournament for many years.Mark  ND State Open

After 23 years, I was ready to go out into the private sector and try my wings on in that sector. Well, what a learning experience it was and is. While in the non-profit arena we were taught ethics, trustworthiness, help others, and live the “golden rule”. I have many stories and experiences that hopefully will help others with “reality” and how to make it in this world . Along the way, I am learning even at my ripe age of life how to survive and keep your values in tact.

Golf has been a passion of mine throughout my life. In fact, I got two of my jobs on the golf course. After leaving “the Village” I went into business in the  Electric Low Speed Vehicle Business. My Brother in Law and I started Global Electric Motorcars. gem chrysler

The Vehicles are below.

ev gem eightgem-car securitygolf cart gem greengem 6 pack

It was very successful and we sold it to Chrysler in 2001. I worked for them for a couple of years until their project was done. After that I was a consultant  for several “Electric Vehicle ” organizations including: EZ- Go, Club Car, ETEC, Horner Group, E-Ride, Global Electric Motor Cars, APS, Luke Air Force Base, SRP, Clean Cities Group, Southwest Air Lines, US Airways, Del Webb  and many more. I also started a Low Speed Vehicle Sales and Service Company called the Carman Group.

The business was doing very well but then the Economy Crashed and we had to close the business. You need lot’s of capital to run even a small golf cart business.

Golf Quest International was started by me to blend my love of golf, electric vehicles, business and family. I believe we can learn together to solve some of life’s issues.
golf events-golf-tournaments

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